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Logan Canyon Horseback Riding

Who We Are

Logan Canyon Horseback Riding is the same horseback riding business as Beaver Creek Horseback Riding at Beaver Creek Lodge! Same great horseback riding business, just a different name.

Bryan Lundahl began taking guests on horseback rides in Logan Canyon the summer 1991 while a student at Utah State University. Although the business began as a way to pay for tuition and books, his passion for the outdoors and riding horses in the mountains became a lifetime pursuit.

Beaver Creek, Inc. began with six horses and a Special Use Permit from the Cache National Forest, and grew to include snowmobile rentals, UTV rentals, and Beaver Creek Lodge. Beaver Creek Lodge was sold in 2022, returning Bryan’s focus to where it began, horseback riding!

Over the past 30+ years, Bryan and his guides have shared horseback riding in the mountains with tens of thousands of guests. Logan Canyon Horseback Riding, formerly Beaver Creek Lodge, provides a tradition of experienced guides, excellent horses for all riding abilities, and breathtaking scenery.

Horseback rides range from 1-4 hours and are appropriate for riders of all experience levels, from beginner to expert. Mountain trails wind through trees, wild flowers, boulders, streams, and open up to beautiful mountain vistas.

Join us for an adventure you will always remember, the beauty of Logan Canyon from the back of a horse!

*Special Use Permittee of the Cache National Forest and Utah State Trust Lands.